Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Big Mouth

One day I will get myself into a lot of trouble if I don't stop thinking out loud.  I was watching the news and getting irritated over all the crap politicians fight about.  I am sick of hearing about how the Democrats do this, the Republicans do that and all the finger pointing in the world isn't going to make the United States any better when NONE of them are really doing to anything to get us out of the trillions of dollars debt we are in.  I was so irritated that I didn't realize I was talking to myself when the person visiting me at the time got angry at what I said out loud.  You see, I was thinking that we can pull out of debt if we make MAJOR changes in things like WELFARE, FOOD STAMPS, AID FOR DEPENDANT CHILDREN AND MEDICAID.  She was actually upset because she is one of those mom's who have 4 children, she is not married and she works a menial job purposely to keep state aid.  I was brought up by parents who taught us that we take care of our own responsibilities.  I was a single mom for 16 years, worked my butt off and paid for health insurance for my children, paid for their food with my own money and did NOT receive any child support or any state aid since I some how made too much money on $9 an hour.  So I figure, if I raised two beautiful children without any hand outs, every one else can too.  I didn't tell my friend to have 4 children, she did that on her own, with the help of the father of those children.  Oh yeah, they are still together, just not married because he works and if they are married she won't get the state benefits because he makes to much money, so her solution is to stay "single", have more children with him so she can continue working 12 hours a week and collecting benefits.  My solution is, when ANYONE HEALTHY ENOUGH TO WORK goes down to get any kind of public assistance, they need to first take  drug screen to prove they are TOTALLY drug free, this includes the use of recreational Marijuana, second, instead of giving them money on a card the first of every month the state should say, well, here is a job application, the state needs help cleaning the local state park, you will get paid every 2 weeks but you have to work 40 hours a week until that park is cleaned up.  You paycheck will be deposited into your bank account bimonthly and you also will have your health insurance premiums deducted from that check so all 4 of your children have health care coverage.

Now, anyone reading this please do not take offense, I think state aid should help people who have been laid off work, or totally out of a job because the company they worked for moved to a third world country so they have cheap labor.  I am also not talking about those people who are truly disabled, I am talking about those people, and we all know which ones I am speaking about, those who don't really want to have to work so they keep having kids to increase the amount of state aid they receive each month.  If you think I am making any of this up, go to your local Walmart on the first of each month and see how many women show up with a minimum of 3 kids, these same women who have to get their hair and nails done every other week, the ones driving a nicer car than you drive, and watch how many of them pull out their food stamp card to purchase cheap junk food for their kids to eat. 

Anyway, I will stop complaining now, I just needed to vent.....